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"Art is empowering and therapeutic. You are in control of your artwork, using your mind, hands, and heart to create something you put so much effort into." Lauren Hollick

Art Inspirations

Choice based class for all ages designed to connect art making with local art museums/exhibitions for any age. Designed, Spearheaded, and Implemented by Lauren Hollick for any arts space, museum, and exhibition.

Art Inspirations: at Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art

Students ages 6-12 found inspiration to create their own self-guided artworks while studying Mary Frank's art and artistic process in her 2022 exhibition  "The Observing Heart" at The Dorsky Museum.

Class Process

*Experience the exhibition, sketch, take notes, and find inspiration

*Get to know art studio, experiment with supplies and sketch original artwork ideas

*Share ideas and inspiration with teacher and other artists, freely use art supplies to create original artwork

*Create & write title and artist statement 

*Record interview on inspiration, meaning, process, and artwork.

*Final showcase presentation

Key Questions

What is Inspiration? How do we find inspiration?

Why do people make art?

What is original artwork?

What happens in an art studio?

How do artists respect one another, the studio, supplies, and artwork?

How do we create art that represents us, our experiences, and our feelings?

How do we know when art is finished?

How do we present our artwork physically and verbally?

Final Showcase

Artist and finished artwork return to exhibition

Family and friends experience the exhibition with the artists

One at a time presents their artwork in front of art in the exhibition that sparked their inspiration to visitors

Answer questions about individual artwork and own process

Group Q&A about class, process, and collaborative art making experience

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