Inside the Artwork

Inside the Artwork


Free Range Eggs

When my seeds shrivel and fall 

to the incoming ground, 

Will I detach feeling small,

Desperate to be found?

A dried shell of a woman

A barren, empty vessel.

Something just less than human

My purpose at ground level.

A pod, disconnecting from 

a world I once knew.

Free falling in loneliness,

Grasping for what, to hold onto?

The world spins and dances  

During this predetermined fate.

Breath knocked out, closed glances 

Stopping flat on my face.

Reaching solid destination

Back to Mother Earth’s embrace, 

Impending decomposition 

Missing this ignorance race?

Batter me with your elements.

Your rain, your heat, your mist.

Cover me with this irrelevance 

No one else could surely miss.

Will you tread on me?

Push me further into this dirt?

Not a care for me or my seeds,

I’m too numb and weak to hurt.

Just step on my body, 

I'm the same as those around me

Just another carbon copy

Fallen from our sheltered tree

Stripped from predetermined role

What is even left to trust?

Aching from suffocating control, 

Your licked lips, wet with lust 

Your noses turned up, 

Eyes peer towards far skies

Lurk at repositories above, 

 Hands pluck for those greener than I. 

Would you stumble across me, 

Laying waste on this ground?

Your mind set on your own sea

My tethered world, yours unbound?

If spotted, would you reach down,

Lift me away from this decay?

Carry me within your pocket

To maybe live another day?

Would you peel away my flesh? 

Demolish my home piece by piece?

Speed up this looming process.

Further abuse that may never cease.

Or will you bear witness 

to my forever transformation?

Celebration of natural completeness,

My discovered journey of liberation

... Well?

L. P. Hollick

When my mind races, I type below:

What is a woman’s purpose on this earth? Is it how she’s being controlled, forever destined to have her destiny decided by men, mindless careless cocks swollen with greed and control. We are more than what has been predetermined. 

Our purpose is not to reproduce. Our purpose is to thrive, exist. A lesson so hard to unlearn. To be human and animal. To do the hard work of unlearning the toxicity we are raised and nurtured in. To metamorphose and continuously change colors. To love one and to have many loves, and to be loved by many. 

To bear the heavy eyes of manipulation, sexualization, and regulation. Determine my body for me. Am I the one that’s ignorant? Too stupid with a woman's brain to understand my own cycles? To understand the bloody and clear ocean waves of emotion that changes with every week. One week I am fertile ground taking on the world, another I am sediment, careful and gently being pulled back and forth on  the ocean’s floor. What happens when this fades? 

Thinking of those unable to conceive. Those with complications. Those who have aged out of a reproductive era.

Of every woman and woman born person feeling and witnessing this regime? Left to deal with their life changes alone or others only wanting surface level understanding. 

Why would men dig deeper in something that doesn't affect the flesh they hold? Women are desirable until they're not, and what determines this?

To lay in wait for a savior will only deepen this pit of despair. We must love and touch and cherish ourselves. See our beauty, prove our worth every day. Who do you see in that mirror? Do you tell her she’s beautiful? That the sun shines also, for her? Sun that provides life and seasons, encouraging new buds and blossoms forever losing their petals and growing anew?

Sin Vergüenza

44x66in    -     2023    -    Acrylic, natural & found materials, mixed media

Materials Treasure Hunt! Can you spot them all?

1 Curled up Millipede: From backyard 

2 Dragonflies: From backyard

24 Honeybees: Purchased online 2 years ago directly with a beekeeper who had a hive that didn’t survive a very cold winter

10 Sweet Gum Tree Seed Pods: Collected in a parking lot at the Bronx Zoo

17 Water Caltrops: Collected on the banks of the Hudson River in Ulster Park

12 Acorns & Caps: Collected in my backyard in Highland, NY

15 Paper mushrooms- inspired by Meadow Mushrooms: Pink paper and white tissue paper cap. Tissue paper under the cap. Stems are wire wrapped in Aluminum foil then wrapped in quilling paper and painted

110 “Ball” mushrooms- inspired by Zygomycota/Mucorales/Rhizopus fungi: White wire and textured color sculpty clay

Real Dried Moss: Purchased in bulk on Amazon


This is my endless transformation. Rebirth. One Without Shame. Earth has always called, her whispers growing louder in each breeze through the leaves. Icy breath of the coldest of winter days. The kiss of the sun, humid and rich. Leaving red on my skin. 

Surround me. 

Bitter cold, pelting rain, or blistering heat; while others take shelter, this body feels most alive when it is caressed by extreme weathers.  Even without physical touch, my body reacts. Adapts. Goosebumps cover my body, frozen hair and hard nipples. Sweat collects in shimmering beads, racing down my curves. The gentle tickle of my own hair against my skin. The weather's power to alter my breath, vision, movement... I had forgotten about these things. 

My energy with the Earth faded and was directed toward a societal rat race designed to exhaust the working class, ever struggling to survive in this world controlled by capital. I had lost my love for art and art making, drained of my body's energy day after day. Not knowing that my relationship with the natural world was also suffering. Mother Earth, embrace me as I emerge into the start of my continuous metamorphosis. Welcome Home.

L Hollick

The Journey

I cried as a partner stood on a chair to take reference photos of me. Naked and curled up in a fetal position. Uncomfortable eye of my phone’s camera lens staring down at me. My body shook, becoming squashed as my fat rolls emerged, becoming ever prominent. I looked at the images with quick thin tears rolling off my cheeks and whispered “these are perfect” as he held me.

I stayed up until 4 am that night, painting my form on the canvas. Heart pounding in my chest as I zoomed into different areas of shame weighing down my inner child and past self. Furiously painting without taking breaks to calm my sobs. Fat shame. Bi shame. Societal shame.

Pansexual, Poly, Fat, Hairy, Emotional. Human. Who am I and who do I want to be? A human without shame. Shed it like a chrysalis. 

The Inspiration

The title is inspired by the poem “Tea Dance, Provincetown, 1982” by writer Sandra Cisneros

Click the title to read the whole poem

"...I was in training to be, a woman without shame. Not a shameless woman, una sinvergüenza, but. una sin vergüenza, glorious in her skin..."

As an artist, I have been so thankful with the time I have taken to reflect on my life so far. My existence in this world. How I move throughout life and my interactions with others. Noticing patterns popping up throughout my years like sparks, only to become ever present on how some patterns I cherished were being smothered. How some were growing but consuming my being.

Return to Nature (Cherish and Consume): This piece reflects my return to nature: Body, being. soul, mind, and spirit. The natural world has always called to me, in each breeze through the leaves, whether it be icy cold in the coldest of winter days, humid and rich with the sun kissing the red on my skin. I have absorbed it. When others hide from extreme weathers, my body feels most alive when it is activated by bitter cold, pelting rain, or blistering heat. Without physical touch, my body reacts. Goosebumps cover my body, frozen hair and hard nipples. Sweat collects in shimmering beads, racing down my curves. Leg, arm, and head hair tickle my skin. The weather's power to change my breath, vision, movement. I had forgotten about these things. My energy with the Earth faded and was directed toward a societal rat race designed to exhaust the working class, ever struggling to survive in this world controlled by capital. When beginning to wake to this, I communicated the overworked and underpaid aspects and a rude awakening developed that my well being did not matter to others, even when having my work ethic and professional performance praised. I had lost my love for art and art making along the way, and at the time I did not know that my relationship with the natural world was also suffering.

You'll Join Us Someday

18x16in    -     2023    -    Gouache


Our body is a vessel. Carrying the weight of a mind and soul, that is uniquely yours. Carrying ancestral DNA and soul of those before you. A body, divine in its beauty and wisdom. Not a single body experiences this world the same. 

Humans are losing connection with the natural world. Depending on technology and gadgets to support them through life. Minds are yearning to be expanded and to learn, but we can learn anything instantly from a glowing rectangle in our hand. 

A return to the natural world is necessary and inevitable. There is an animal in each of us. It will emerge in its own time.

The Inspiration

This is the closest I will ever really get to "fan art".  This artwork is inspired by 3 things, my body, Over The Garden Wall and The VVitch.  Nov 2022 I stumbled upon Over the Garden Wall and fell in love with the animation, story, voice acting, and nods to past animation/story styles. It's turned into my favorite and I throw it on whenever I feel extremely anxious, depressed, or if I am in an art making flow but don't want to listen to podcasts, audiobooks, or music- It just fills my heart and makes me happy. This is inspired by episode 2 "Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee" (see image 5).

I've always had an attachment to human anatomy and the visual power and beauty of nude human forms; especially female born bodies- which are continuously shamed and put under an all seeing/judging microscope throughout history. 


13.5 x 5 x 20in   -     2023    -    Ceramic, Spanish moss, wood, natural ink

How do humans romanticize their relationships with animals? An amorous desire to chase. Corner the unaware. Penetrate fresh with a bullet, arrow, knife. Taking life that you did not create. Feeling you earned it. You deserve it. Bore through living creature after creature and celebrate over last breaths and twitches. Kill for sport. Kill for fun. Laugh. Brag. Left to rot.  

How do humans do this to animals, including other humans? Emotionally, Physically, Mentally. Disregarding one’s body. One’s words. Actually and metaphorically choked, surrounded. Out for display. How are we left after days, months, years of abuse. How do we find ourselves, reinvent ourselves, heal. 

We are untamed. Wild inside our hearts and minds. We deserve everlasting love, respect, and care. Every single one of us. 


7x10in    -     2022    -    Color Pencil

Artist Statement

Do humans care who they hurt? How wealthy does one need to become to take innocent lives and not bat an eye? How ignorant? How unattached to the world around them? Lives of creatures so small. Precious. Delicate. Open the castle to the summer air. Skylights agape at your command. Wings beating 53 flaps per minute. Sunshine. Fresh air. Skylight closes. Trapped. Panic. HomeHomeHOME. Trapped at the top. Looking through glass at my world. Collapsing. Slowing down. Slowing death. 1,260 beats per minute. Taken. Terminated from this world

The Inspiration

I was working on a roof and saw these little hummers that can only be seen with unclouded eyes from above. It hurt my heart and I still think about them all of the time. Being an emotionally sensitive person has had its difficulties. Others tell me to not feel so much, that I “focus too much on negative and never focus on the positive” (false), to stop crying when I was feeling a heavy wave of emotion starting at such a young age. Y’all don’t know me. These waves fuel me. It sparks my heart and artistic drive. For when people couldn’t look past a child’s tears and red face, fighting to find the words- art making was there to show my truest thoughts, heart, and pain. Don’t tell me to let go. I never will. Mind ya business.

Rude Awakening

24x18in    -     2022    -    Gouache

This piece is about waking up to reality. About where you need to heal. About where you’ve been abused. About establishing boundaries. About lessening the giving giving giving to others who are abusing you. Realization. Give give give to yourself. You are worth so much. 

How do you relate?

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