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Art Studio in room #24 at 9 Vassar Road Cunneen Hackett Art Center

Lauren has 14 years of experience educating all generations in the arts. It is essential that all lessons can cater to all abilities, skill levels, and age.  The arts are in every single aspect of our world, challenging the mind, helping people heal, and narrating personal stories.

No one is born with the immediate "talent" of being an incredible artist: The arts are for everyone. But being a true artist takes work, passion, perseverance, and bravery just like learning an instrument or playing a sport. 

Art Educators provide guidance for all students and encourage those who feel discouraged that they can persist through anything if they keep trying.  Giving them the extra support to learn new art making techniques, to keep working, and to be brave to express themselves through their creations. 

Art is empowering and therapeutic. You are in control of your artwork, using your mind, hands, and heart to create something you put so much effort into.  Your mind is working to focus, to choose your colors, to make your next move. Your hands are in action shaping the clay, brushing on paint, or constructing. Your heart is learning how to visually communicate, how to share your personal experiences, traumas, and dreams. Art is rhythmic. Art is healing.

Lauren believes it's an Art Educators role to encourage, inspire, and never give up on their students and implements that in her classroom every day.

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