Lauren Hollick is a rising Artist and Art Educator who has been residing in the Hudson Valley their whole life. A proud Dutchess Community College and SUNY New Paltz graduate, Lauren lives, breathes, and sleeps art and education. As an artist, they use color, texture, and multiple mediums to develop visual representations of personal observation, thought, and emotion. There is strength in an ever changing artistic practice; power in switching between mediums, learning new techniques, and continuous learning. 

As an educator, Lauren accommodates people from all walks of life to use art making as a powerful, expressive, and personal tool. Art tells a story. Your mind is working to focus, to choose your colors, to make your next move. Your hands are in action shaping the clay, brushing on paint, or constructing. Your heart is learning how to visually communicate, how to share your personal experiences, traumas, and dreams. Lauren believes their role as an Art Educator is to encourage, inspire, and never give up on their students and implements that in their classroom every day.

Artwork & Statements


The actual journey toward our indefinite mortality is artwork in its own way. How does our connection to nature affect the world around us? How much do we treasure bonds with living things as individuals and as a species? How do humans romanticize our over-colonization of the Earth? How often do humans reflect on their own personal growth and time here on Earth?

Lauren Hollick visually recreates their absorbed experiences, thoughts, and observed human/natural interactions. Their artwork touches on identity, societal expectations, and life cycles in nature as well as in human development..

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