Lauren Hollick is currently creating work, giving lessons, and has a small art shop at Room #24 the Cunneen Hackett Art Center (9 Vassar Street Poughkeepsie, NY).

"Hey everyone! This is to you, from a place of honesty. These past years have been an emotional rollercoaster for me, and I know it has for all others. I lost my love for the thing that fueled my curiosity, happiness, and inner-child: art

In and out of depressions, battling anxiety, coming out, growing from reflected traumas, battling new stage 3 endometriosis chronic pain/surgery, and eventually....... starting to find myself again. I am here, I am queer, I am ready to connect with all corners of my local and worldwide communities.

I use my personal art making to chase that feeling of being an artist. Continuously pulled toward inspiration, following the heart and mind's yearnings and connecting to our greatest tools, our own hands. 

Creating is my religion. It feeds me emotionally and spiritually and is my way to reflect on the worlds around me. My work ebbs and flows like the waves. Sometimes gentle, serine, steady. Able to focus on the smallest detail, or calmly create to enjoy the therapeutic movement of practice to polish my knowledge as well as add to it. 

Sometimes the waves of creation unexpectedly come crashing down, knocking me off of me feet and pulling me beneath the waves. Dark, stormy, and terrifying. Fighting through currents toward the surface and for a breath of air. This feeling is my addiction. Making art is not for the faint of heart and mind. Its addressing all aspects of your soul, desires, fears, memories. It's confronting where you've been hurt, what's been repressed, what's been learned, what you love so deeply. It's trying to hold on to the parts of yourself that are slipping from your grasp, to either be let go of into a dark abyss or to shine through your being.

I can't grow as a human or artist without experiencing the spectrums of artistic weather, boarding my vessel to brave these creative cycles. Knowing full well that every time I set sail, I will either sink and brave the cycle again... or I will make it to a new distant shore, full of evermore possibilities and embarkments. 

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