Lauren Hollick has vast professional experience directing and supervising dozens of arts programs.

A few of the collaborators are SUNY New Paltz, The Art Effect, Sunflower Art Studio etc.

Program Director for The Art Effect

Poughkeeispe, NY

          The Art Institute

            Spring & Fall 2022: 36 once a week courses in Poughkeepsie, 21 teaching staff

            Fall 2021: 14 once a week courses in Poughkeepsie, 12 teaching staff

            Summer 2022: 8 full day courses in Poughkeepsie, 6 weeks, 10 teaching staff

              Junior Art Institute 

            2021: 3 full day courses in Poughkeepsie, 4 weeks, 3 teaching staff, 43 total students

                 2020: 2 full day courses in Poughkeepsie, 6 weeks, 2 teaching staff, 45 total students

              Dutchess & Ulster Arts Camps

            2021: 10 different classes, 6 weeks, 23 staff

            2020: 3 different classes, 4 weeks, 3 staff

              Virtual Camp Video Lesson Packages 

      2020: 50 videos, 34 lessons, 12 staff


            Arts for Healing one time workshops: 11 series: 3

            Arts for Justice series: 3

                     Community Workshops: 8

              Empire After School Program: 

     9 programs in 5 Poughkeepsie CSD schools, 13 teaching staff, 253 total enrolled students

              National Art Honor Society chapter #2242

     44 total students, 6 community projects/fundraisers

                 “The program director, Lauren Hollick, was professional, attentive and knowledgeable providing a wonderful                                       healing arts experience to all the women participating in the program.” - Marlene Stager. Support Connection Inc.

               “I can't say enough good things about Lauren, she was amazing! The students loved her workshops too. The students                                 had such a great time, I can't wait to do it again” Crystal Purfield. Marist Liberty Partnership Program

                “Lauren leads “doable” classes that are informational and allow relaxing classes that allow participants to move                                    forward without severe completion or judgment. Lauren is an excellent instructor, welcoming, reassuring                                                 & informative.” - Support Connection Inc participant 

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